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Product Specification

  • Only applicable to Reverse Osmosis Filtration system 
  • Please read the manual to see if RO Keeper is applicable to your system
  • Silicone rubber can be sterilized in boiling water (Please sterilize every 3 months to ensure the product's sanitation)
  • To prevent electrolyte leakage, please sterilize the silicone rubber periodically
  • The detector is water resistant NOT waterproof, as it can't be soaked in water
  • RO Keeper is for residential use, the reading shown is an approximation, which means there would be errors in measurement
  • Zinc-Carbon batteries are recommended for this product



Download AQUA+ 飲用水檢測APP





AQUA+ 飲用水檢測APP User Manual

Click the link below to for more details about AQUA+ 飲用水檢測


Sign up

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Sign up as a member

Step 1: Fill up your personal information

  • Field marked with ‘*’are required
  • Make sure the email address you enter are valid
  • Password requirement: Uppercase or lowercase letters, numbers or symbols ( At least 6 characters in length )

Step 2: Please check your email and follow instructions to complete registration

Step 3: Log in



Step 1:Allow AQUA+ 飲用水檢測use Bluetooth and GPS

Step 2:Make sure Bluetooth and GPS are turned on and also the phone is not in airplane mode

  1. For Android, open [ Settings ]
  2. Press [ Bluetooth ]
  3. Turn on Bluetooth

    —— Hint: No need to pair with any device in [ Available Device ]——

  1. For Android, open [ Settings ]
  2. Press [Google] > [Location Information] > [Location Service]。
  3. Turn on GPS

Step 3:Make sure RO Keeper is connected

  1. Make sure RO Keeper is not connected by anyone
  2. Press [ Settings ] at the right top of the app  > [ Change Bluetooth ] > Choose your device


Water Quality Detection

Step 1:Turn on the water source or fill up the water chamber

Step 2:Wait RO Keeper shows specific status, press the button in the middle, data of water quality will show up


Abnormal Condition

Low Battery

  1. Change batteries

Bluetooth Connection Failed

  1. Make sure Bluetooth and GPS is turned on and the phone is not in airplane mode
  2. Make sure batteries are installed

Scan Error

  1. Make sure the water source is turned on or the water chamber is filled up with water as well as the light is showing specific status





  1. No need to use the internet except for those who sign in for the first time


  1. Please do not clear history at random, it will affect the result of detection
  2. Drag the screen with two fingers to zoom in.


  1. Open App, go to “Change Bluetooth” and select device to connect ( It will also auto-connect the device that connected last time.
  2. Connection quality and data transmission speed depend on your mobile phone brand and model.
  3. This device only supports 1 to 1 connection. If you are unable to search the device, please make sure that there are no other phones connected with the device or simply remove the batteries.